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"Throw Away Baby" published July 2014

Throw Away Baby (Amazon Link)


Sharon Bourke Mystery Writer & AuthorSharon sailing.

Murder mysteries have always intrigued her. Characters like Perry Mason, Travis McGee and Jessica Fletcher have provided immense enjoyment. Books by Agatha Christie, PD James, Mary Higgins Clark, Dick Francis, Heather Graham, Tami Hoag and John D. MacDonald are among her favorites. She’s often glued to TV, watching one of the CSI series or Law and Order episodes.

“Throw Away Baby” is her first novel but plans to write more. Future works are already being outlined and hopefully the effort will be appreciated by her readers.

"Throw Away Baby"

A Two year old baby hasn’t been seen by her grandparents for three months. The excuses given to them by the child’s mother ring hollow since they reside in the same small town in Florida. After several days of soul searching, the child’s absence is reported to the authorities setting off a nationwide Amber Alert. The behavior exhibited by the child’s mother causes her family and the police to suspect foul play on her part.

Reporters flood the sleepy town of Coral Reef Flats sensing a larger story than just a missing child. If anyone thinks that nothing exciting happens in small, sleepy towns, they are mistaken. No one had ever heard of Coral Reef Flats, Florida until the two year old child was reported missing. No one would have guessed that a State Senator could have any involvement with the child, particularly as he'd he’d never met her, but they’d be wrong about that too. The Senator, married to a beautiful, wealthy woman thought his infidelities could remain secret, but nothing remains secret when power & position are driving forces.