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"Throw Away Baby" published July 2014

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"Throw Away Baby"

Throw Away Baby CoverThe child cried incessantly; always calling for her mother. She'd been crying for the past two hours.  It was making her nuts! She was at the end of her rope. She’d been babysitting the little brat for the past week and her mother wouldn’t return for at least three more weeks.

Babysitting for a two year old wasn’t exactly on her list of most fun things to do although she really had nothing better going on in her life. It wouldn’t have been so bad except the toddler had squalled constantly since being dropped off.  Her brother really took advantage of her this time. How dare him! He planned to travel to Europe for a month with some bimbo. Couldn’t he find one without a kid? She wondered how he got out of taking his wife with him. What excuse could he have come up with to keep her home or suspecting his infidelity?

All attempts to get the child to stop crying failed. She tried holding her but the child must have sensed that she didn’t really want to touch her. The crying became louder. Candy didn’t work; the kid threw it down, crying more. She tried storytelling, but her attempts were drowned out by the child’s high pitched protests. Pretty soon the neighbors would start complaining. Maybe someone would call the cops; then she’d be in a pickle. They’d want to know about the kid and she’d have to say she was babysitting. Then they’d want her to contact the mother. Fat chance; she’s not in the country. Then her brother’s extramarital activities would become known to his wife and that would wreck all his plans for his future. She needed quiet; she had to shut the kid up. Read the full prologue

Cover Art an original design by Kimberly Gebhart.