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"Throw Away Baby" published July 2014

Throw Away Baby (Amazon Link)


Author: Sharon Bourke

Born in Denver, Colorado  in 1946 but soon after moved to Chicago, Illinois where she has many fond memories.  Walking to school in four foot snow drifts and spending summers on Lake Michigan rank high in her memory bank.

Sharon Bourke AuthorWhen she was nine, her parents moved her to Danville, Illinois. Danville holds a special place in her heart, but cold weather and snow lost their appeal so when she was old enough to escape, she moved to Miami, Florida.

Her mother raised her children to believe that if they could read, they could be anything they wanted to be, including the president of the United States.  She emphasized that well rounded people not only read, but appreciate music and sports.  Sunday morning breakfast was always accompanied by classical music.

Her interest in writing and journalism began then but was put on hold as other events in her life took precedence and Sharon started a career in healthcare as a licensed practical nurse.

Earning an Associate of Arts degree in nursing from Indiana University to further this career path, Sharon later she earned a dual master’s degree from the University of Miami in business and healthcare which paved the way to many more opportunities. Her career as a nurse and healthcare administrator has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her life.

Swimming, weight lifting, walking, and tennis have always been an important part of life. Most importantly after moving to Miami she learned to race sailboats. Racing so consumed her that she scheduled her life around the racing schedule; even her wedding.  Regattas took her to places she never dreamed she’d see. Tonga was one of the most exotic and where she met her present husband.

Murder mysteries have always intrigued her. Characters like Perry Mason, Travis McGee and Jessica Fletcher have provided immense enjoyment. Books by Agatha Christie, PD James, Mary Higgins Clark, Dick Francis, Heather Graham, Tami Hoag and John D. MacDonald are among her favorites. She’s often glued to TV, watching mystery movies, one of the CSI series or Law and Order episodes.

After retiring from healthcare (apart from the odd day here and there in agency work) Sharon was finally able to pursue her lifelong ambition to be a writer. Her passion for mystery led to her choice of genre.

“Throw Away Baby” is her first novel but plans to write more. Future works are already being outlined and hopefully the effort will be appreciated by her readers.